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Weddrooms Partner Program for Planners

Weddrooms is happy to announce our new Partner Program for wedding planners!
Our Partner Program offers two key benefits by providing a framework for planners to:
Enhance your own wedding planing service offerings
At no cost to you or your clients, your personal Weddrooms representative will find top hotels at the best group rates. If you do not currently offer hotel group booking to your clients, this is an easy way to expand your service offerings without any additional work on your end. 
This will make your service more attractive to potential clients and perhaps even allow you to charge a bit more!
Offload a time consuming task
If you currently offer hotel group bookings to your clients then we can save you the time and hassle of this cumbersome process. Simply provide your client's booking requirements to your personal Weddrooms representative, and we will manage the hotel-side process from there.
We'll pass important information back to you directly, which you can then share with your client as their primary point of contact.
We can also add your company branding to any Weddrooms documents that you present to your clients, this way our involvement remains 100% invisible to your clients while your service gains a leg up on the competition!
SPECIAL BONUS: For each one of your clients that we take to contract with a hotel, we will also provide you with a $50 referral payment or a specialized incentive gift such as a gift card, a fancy bottle of wine, or even a special gift that you might want to pass along to your client!
Ready to join our program?
Simply click the button below or send an email to that expresses your interest. We'll have you up and running in a flash!
Here's how the process works in 5 simple steps:

1.  Once you join our program, if you have a bride in need of a block of at least 10 hotel rooms for her wedding guests, you simply let your Weddrooms representiative know via email.

2.  From there, your Weddrooms rep will handle all the heavy lifting of researching hotels, negotiating rates and concessions, and coming up with a final set of hotels for your bride to choose from. This background process will be completely invisible to the bride - you will always be our main point of contact for your bride and for Weddrooms

3.  Once we obtain a solid set of hotels to choose from, we will put them together in a professional, easy-to-read document that we will send to you to present to your bride. If you choose, we can also brand the document with your company name (the bride will never see anything about Weddrooms - she will just see this as an extension of YOUR service). 

4.  After you have discussed the hotels with your bride and she chooses her hotel (or hotels), simply let us know! We will then obtain a booking contract from the hotel for the bride to sign, and pass the contract back to you to for the brides signature. If you or your bride have specific questions or if you want us to search for new hotels, then we are also still here to help.

5.  As soon as you have the signed contract, simply return it to us and the process is complete! 

Ready to roll?
Simply click the button below or send an email to that expresses your interest. We'll have you up and running in a flash!
Let us know and we'll be happy to help! We can be reached at
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